Recognize Now

Using employee email addresses, you can create a quick link from other applications to Achievers to recognize employees quickly and easily.

What is this?

Recognize Now is a link that allows you to recognize employees quickly and easily from another application that also contains employee email addresses (for example, Salesforce). This feature is available to customers who have SSO and can be set up without development resources.

For example, the screenshot below shows a Salesforce report of new leads created by sales representatives. The Recognize buttons in the report utilize this quick link feature.


How does this work?

An employee's email address is appended to a specific URL that navigates you to the Recognize page in Achievers. The Achievers system uses the email address in the URL to identify the employee and then automatically populates their name in the recipient field of the recognition.

The URL that you will have to construct follows this pattern:


Recognize Now can also be used in emails - for example, as an image link placed in the footer. When you click on the image, you are taken to the Recognize page in Achievers where the employee is automatically selected as a recipient.


Want to recognize more than one employee at the same time? Simply append all of their email addresses to the URL in a comma-separated list. For example:
https://<program_name>[email protected],[email protected]