Achievers for Zoom


Employees can spend a significant portion of their day in online meetings. Collaborative meetings are often a window into the work they do and the people they collaborate with, and Achievers for Zoom extends your Achievers program into the flow of work by bringing recognition options directly into Zoom.

The Achievers for Zoom app allows employees to send a recognition to their colleagues right after their meeting has ended. Employees can select individuals from the meeting they would like to recognize and then create a recognition in their Achievers program.

And if employees are in meetings with people who are not members of their Achievers platform? Employees can send them an appreciation card.

Achievers for Zoom is available for download from Zoom’s App Marketplace and can also be centrally deployed by a customer's Zoom administrator (to individual users, groups, or the entire organization).

Centrally deploying Achievers for Zoom

Your company’s Zoom administrator can make the Achievers for Zoom app visible for all program members in your organization.

This is the recommended way for most admins to deploy apps to multiple users and groups within an organization.

For information about making a Zoom app visible for everyone, see Managing Zoom Marketplace.

Note that the Achievers for Zoom app is accessed through Zoom Chat. Members must have access to Zoom Chat before they can use the Achievers for Zoom app to create recognitions.

Installing Achievers for Zoom from the App Marketplace

Members can also install the Achievers for Zoom app themselves from the App Marketplace.

Prerequisite: To install Achievers from Zoom directly from the Marketplace yourself, your Zoom account must have permission approval to install apps.

  1. In Zoom, click the Chat icon. Note that this is Zoom Chat and not the in-meeting chat.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click the Add an App icon next to Apps.
  3. The Zoom App Marketplace opens.
  4. In the Search for a Published app field, enter Achievers. Click on the app name.
  5. The Achievers for Zoom app page opens.
  6. Click Install.
    Note: If you see the Request pre-approve option instead of Install, this means that your
    Zoom administrator needs to approve the app before it can be installed. Click Request pre-
    to send a request to your admin.
  7. Click Authorize to add the Achievers app to Zoom.
  8. The app is now installed and appears in the Apps list in the left navigation panel of your Zoom Chat.

Uninstalling the app

You can remove the Achievers app from Zoom. To remove the app:

  1. In the App Marketplace, click Manage in the top right corner.
  2. Click Installed Apps in the left navigation panel.
  3. Find Achievers in your list of installed apps.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Note: If Uninstall is not available to you (i.e. it is greyed out), then your Zoom administrator must remove the app for you.

Connecting the app with your Achievers program

The first time you create a recognition from Zoom, you must connect the app to your Achievers program.

Prerequisite: You have already installed the Achievers for Zoom app.

  1. Once you have installed the app, a message will open in Chat asking you to connect the app with your Achievers program. Click Connect with Achievers. (If you are already connected, this message will not appear.)

  2. In the sign-in page, enter your program URL, then click Continue.

  3. (Optional) If a participant is not a member of an Achievers program, click I am not an Achievers customer, but I do want to recognize my colleagues to exit from the connection flow and return to Zoom.

  4. Allow Zoom to connect to your Achievers program. Click Continue.

  5. Your Achievers account is now connected to Zoom. Click Close.

  6. (Optional) When the Achievers for Zoom app and your program are connected, a message opens giving you the option to disconnect the app from your account. Click Disconnect your account? to do so. You will not be able to create a recognition from Zoom once you are disconnected.

    Note: The next time you have a meeting after you disconnect, the Achievers for Zoom app will
    prompt you to reconnect. Click Reconnect your account? to do so.

Note: The app will require you to log in and connect to your Achievers program again after 14 days.

Creating a recognition from Zoom

For best practice when using the Achievers for Zoom app, it is recommended that you are also logged into Zoom.

  1. After your meeting has ended, a message from the Achievers app opens in your Zoom Chat. Note that in order to receive a recognition reminder from the Achievers app, the meeting must be longer than 15 minutes.
  2. In the message, click Create Recognition to open your Achievers program and recognize someone directly from your program. You may be prompted to log in to the program.
  3. Any meeting attendees who are also part of your Achievers program are automatically added to the recognition as nominees in the Who do you want to recognize? field.

Note: If any of the meeting participants are not part of your Achievers program, you will not be able to recognize them through the program, but you can send them an appreciation card.

Sending an appreciation card from Zoom

While you can only send meeting participants who are also members of your Achievers program recognitions, you can send other meeting participants an appreciation card.

To send an appreciation card:

  1. When your meeting has ended, and you receive notification that one or more of the meeting participants are not part of your Achievers program, in that message, click Send appreciation.
  2. The Appreciation cards page opens.
  3. Select an appreciation card by clicking on it. The card is highlighted.
  4. Enter the following information:
    a. Your Message – We provide a message for you to get started, but we encourage you to add a personalized
    message of your own.
    b. Your First Name
    c. Your Last Name
    d. Your Email
  5. (Optional) Check the box to receive emails from Achievers about the latest HR trends.
  6. Include the following people:
    a. Make sure the card recipient’s email is selected. If you notice that their email is incorrect, you can click Edit to
    make any changes.
    b. Click Add Recipients to send the card to other recipients. Enter the New Recipient Name and New
    Recipient Email
    and then click Add to List. The new recipient is added to the list. Repeat this step as
    necessary to add more recipients.
  7. Click Send Recognition. The appreciation card is sent to the email address you specified in the Include the following people list.


The following are some of the common questions and limitations when using the Achievers for Zoom app.


I cannot install Achievers for Zoom.

If you cannot install the app yourself, it is most likely that you do not have the correct permissions to do so. Click Request pre-approve when attempting the install or contact your company’s Zoom administrator for help.


I know all the meeting participants are also part of my Achievers program, but not everyone has been added to the recognition.

This can happen for a few reasons:

  • If one (or more) of the meeting participants is not also logged into Zoom, especially if your company has SSO.
  • If one (or more) of the participants has called in to the meeting from a cell phone.

If the Achievers for Zoom app cannot access all the participant’s email IDs, they will not be added to the recognition. Note that once you are in your Achievers program to create the recognition, you can then add any missing participants to the recognition