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Getting you started with the Achievers Open API.

Welcome to the Achievers Open API documentation. We've created the Open API to enable you to integrate recognition into the flow of work so that employees can fully utilize the Employee Success Platform within the tools that they already use.

With the Achievers Open API, developers can build on top of any existing workplace system, such as a social collaboration, performance management, talent acquisition, or learning tool. All API calls are authenticated and encrypted to ensure 100% data security.


Support for previous versions of our Open API

To help with the migration of your v3 integrations to the new version of our Open API, we will continue to fully support v3 until June 30, 2018. After June 30, 2018, we will no longer provide support or assist in the migration of your v3 integration to our latest version. We will deprecate v3 permanently on December 30, 2018. As of that date, any integrations built with v3 will no longer work.

Documentation on this site is written for the latest version of the Achievers Open API, v5. Documentation for our previous Open API version, v3, can be found here.

API Reference

The Achievers Open API is extensively annotated via Swagger/OpenAPI. Each endpoint page features a link to its spec.

Usage Limits / Rate Limits

For security and performance reasons, our API imposes rate limits per access token. These limits are monitored by Achievers and any integration that consistently exceeds the listed limits will be denied access.


Request rate limits

GET /newsfeed-events

50 / minute

GET /recognitions

50 / minute

All others

500 / 2 minutes


It's generally a good idea to test your integrations before pushing them to production. To help you with your testing, the Achievers API offers a Sandbox environment for API testing, where you can accurately simulate API conditions without affecting your production environment. You can access our Sandbox environment at

Managing Keys

Generating and managing keys for the Achievers Open API is done by your program administrator using our API OAuth Keys tool in the Client Admin Panel (CAP). Contact your program administrator to get client_secret and client_id credentials.

Support and Feedback

If you need general technical support or have a question about the Achievers Open API, please check the Discussions forum. If you don't see the answer you are looking for, or would like to share feedback, feel free to post it to the forum. If your question involves any proprietary information, or you need emergency technical support, contact [email protected]. We’re here to help and listen!

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What's Next

Authenticate with our API and start building.



Getting you started with the Achievers Open API.

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