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Which Grant Type does the /upcoming-celebrations endpoint support?

I have been trying to hit this endpoint and keep getting a "Forbidden Request" response Says the allowed scope is read, and the request scope is read? Not sure why this is a forbidden request

Can you get "points to award" for a user via API call?

We are trying to create an Achievers integration that reminds users to award their available points to their teammates. However, it seems like there is no direct way to query the remaining points field (the /users call doesn't return this info). Any pointers would be helpful!

Alternative API for Posting Recognitions

Hello, We're creating an integration with the Achievers API and our automation platform. At the moment, we have a local account that can post recognitions successfully to the sandbox environment. Right now, the post looks like it is coming from this account. For our purposes, we would like to change the nominator of the post to the name of the invidual using the automation platform. We understand there is an existing API to request for authentication codes and access tokens that will have r/w access. We have been successful in generating those authentication credentials in order to post recognitions. However, we are looking for alternatives to post on behalf of someone. Is there an alternative API for posting on behalf of someone from this local account?

Potential security threat when posting to api/v5/recognitions

I'm creating a .NET 5 application pointing at a sandbox environment. I have the authentication process completed successfully. I am able to retrieve a list of users and the options list for the recognitions endpoint. When attempting to POST a recognition to api/v5/recognitions, an html page is returned stating that a potential security threat has occurred and the recognition is not created. Can you share possible causes for this error and how to get around it?

meta data

Can they provide us the Metadata for the application ?


How am I supposed to get the Token to access the information on the API call?

Switching to latest v5 from v3

We currently using v3, what should we do to switch to v5?