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Full Users List, Including Inactive Users

Hey everyone!

I am working with the API so far and am really liking all the documentation around it. I am working on building a custom dashboard for our stakeholders with the Achievers data and linking it with other HR data that we have. To be able to link the two data sets, I need a unique identifier for users so I am using email since the User ID in Relicnition is the the same as Employee ID. Thus, when I pull recognitions, I have to stitch the user id in the recognition with the user id in the users list and then stitch the email from the users list to the email in my other HR data. However, I noticed that pulling a users list, only returns enabled users, ie users currently at the company. This means that when an employee leaves, they are no longer in the user list and their recognition cannot be attributed with any data because there is no way to identify the user id.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Are there any ideas or solutions to this? Seems like there should be a way to pull a list of ALL users who have been on the platform at all so that data can be attributed and stitched across time periods.